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Our care is based on fundamental areas such as the biological one that is related to the alterations of the physical health, the environment of the patient is also valued with the idea of ​​preventing potential risks during the routines of the activities of the daily life of the patient and family. The social area that relates to the whole family environment and friends of the patient, participation in events such as intrafamilial meetings, friends, medical appointments, shopping at the supermarket, among others. Last but not least, the spiritual moments of our patients and family are also respected and favored.
In recent years the ecological commitment has also been included, in which we also take sides, providing “clean” care, that is, we maximize the use of inputs, both those provided by the company and those of our clients, promoting the Savings in all our care interventions.
All of the above leads us to have a comprehensive approach during the process of attention by all IHECS staff, in our models of comprehensive care, education, preparation and training is provided with great care for our staff and emphasis is given in our caregivers, who undergo a rigorous teaching process of our service model and for each case and client in particular, in order to provide 100% individualized services of guaranteed quality.